Got the job! How did it happen?

So after 5 weeks of search, I got the job!!!111oneoneone

I guess you are waiting to read about how did it all go, so I will give you this pleasure:

I started actively applying for jobs 2 days after my arrival. Before I came to Vancouver though, I worked on my résumé and cover letter to meet local standards. They are slightly different from European ones.

I looked for vacancies everywhere I could, which included LinkedIn, Craigslist, AngelList and good ol’ yellow pages. I used yellow pages to search IT companies nearby, check their websites and I was sending lots of application for all IT related positions and I ended up, during these 5 weeks, with an average of one interview per week. I guess it is a pretty good one.

First interview was complete disaster. A start-up seemed understand too little what web development is about. Assignment they gave me did not require any of the skills listed and any of the skills I had. It was purely about ability to use WordPress with their framework. I did it miserably and, obviously, did not get an offer.

Second job seemed much more interesting. It was about IT support and IT tutoring to senior citizens. The only drawback was they required me to have a car, as services are home-delivered. Interview went pretty smooth and I was asked to verify if my current permit allowed me to be a contractor (way they call self-employed people in Canada). On the same day, I checked it with Canadian Border Services Agency and sent an e-mail to the company confirming it is all fine. I have not heard back from that company since then…

Then another company contacted me, with Front-end Developer position, apologising for finding my email in junk, and had a telephone interview with me. Even though it seemed quite good, despite promises to give me response as soon as possible, nothing followed.

Yet another one has contacted me with similar position, but this just failed all the time – connections got broken, they promised to get back to me, but they… obviously did not.

I have visited also employment agencies and left my résumé there. One has reached out to me with a temporary assignment for data-entry job (unrelated to what I was looking for, but still considered it as a way to buy some more time). I passed their typing test with flying colours, but… have not heard from them ever since. I have sent them reminders (as well as to all others that have not reached out to me again), but without much success.

Then it came THE ONE. Position was related to IT support and server administration. I applied on Wednesday, October 11th. They called me for a phone interview on Thursday. I had an on-site interview on Friday, this time with not only HR person, but also head technician. He gave me two technical questions, which I managed to break down as much as I could, yet not being able to deliver complete solution to the second one. At the end of that interview, I was invited for “working interview” which took place on Tuesday. It was a demo assignment in virtual environment, which I had to solve. I could use all the help of internets and the team sitting on neighbouring cubicles working on their actual tasks.

I solved the whole assignment and got on well with the team. Wednesday morning, I was called I am accepted and can start on Thursday. So I did.

Currently I am in 1-week training and 3-month probation period. Wish me best of luck!

Now, time to find a better place to live – I will leave this for another post though!

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