Hello World! Hello Vancouver!

Four days ago I have arrived at Vancouver International. Being issued one-year work permit, my adventure with International Experience Canada programme officially started that day.

Now, I will be looking around for jobs. Difference between this blog and plenty of others I have seen about IEC is that it is not going to be focused on travelling around Canada, but rather getting IT job and professional IT experience in this country. It is going to be even more interesting, as programming has been my years-long passion, but I do not have any actual academic credentials in this field. I have earned my undergraduate in Economics and Business Economics and I have one year experience in technical support at Yorizon, where I have also done a lot of front-end development.

The blog will be mainly technical, but not purely technical. Of course I will share with you all interesting things about Canada and my Canadian experience, cats, as well as important things about IEC permit and getting settled here. My long-term plan is to continue it also after my period is over, just as an IT blog. So even if you are a non-tech person, and not even interested in life in Canada…

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